SVYF Update 10/17

To the Parents of SVYF:

We are aware that some of you, maybe all of you, have received a threatening letter from the attorney of Jevin.  This is the mess we have been dealing with all season.  We have representing legal counsel from Olsen & Hoggan Attorneys at Law in Logan to help us with this case.  This threatening letter is designed to scare and panic parents into paying.  Please do not respond, or pay a dime to Jevin.  You as parents have done nothing wrong or committed any fraud as stated in the letter from Jevin.  Nor has Sky View Youth Football.  Remember we did nothing wrong, we were the victims in this. If Jevin would have paid us our money when they were supposed to we would not have had any of this mess.

We are currently working with Olsen & Hoggan to respond as needed both to Jevin and to you as parents.  We are trying to get a letter by tomorrow.  We have talked to 4 other groups who say they are missing money. A reporter working with one of those groups told us he has uncovered 15 groups just this year who have had money issues with Jevin. We stood up to Jevin and it seems they did not like that at all.  We will be strong and we will not back down. Please understand that we as a Sky View Youth Football board are aware of the concern and hassle this is to you as parents.  We have tried to ensure that your kids have had a good and enjoyable season while dealing with this headache that was not brought on by anything we did.  We have over 100 pages of supporting documentation we have submitted to our attorney regarding this mess.  Again you as parents are not legally liable for this and that will not change no matter how many demanding letters Jevin sends out.

Why does Jevin feel they are owed money? When Jevin failed to pay the amount of money that was owed to SVYF we had no other choice but to take the legal and law enforcement route.  We were counseled to send out the case number to parents and have them do all they could to get their money back.  Some parents were able to get money back and then paid us.  Some banks and credit cards took the entire 8 weeks or longer that they had to figure out the fraudulent claim.  Then Jevin turned around and paid us the full original amount of money owed to us knowing full well there were people who got their money back.  Jevin then claimed to the banks, when they did their investigating, that they paid us the money.  Some banks pulled the money back out and gave it to back to Jevin.  This has become an accounting nightmare for all involved.  The board has spent hundreds of hours to trying to sort this out.

During the summer when Jevin first approached us about getting money back we told them that we would work through the accounting nightmare they caused which would require contacting all of the parents involved.  After doing all of this, we thought that we were close to having it complete and giving Jevin the money that was collected by us, minus all extra fees that SVYF incurred because of not having our funds when needed which was over $6,000.  Jevin turned around and added thousands of dollars in fees and other charge backs that we were unaware of and were unaccounted for.  Jevin is claiming that we owe over $20,000 back to them.  That is outrageous.   Because of Jevin’s unwillingness to pay us when they were supposed to, the fees that where accrued and the extra time and resources that have been required on the part of the board and parents exceeds any amount owed to Jevin.  But because we want to make sure everything is done legally and honestly we have turned everything over to legal counsel to determine the amount if any is owed.

We will keep you informed.

SVYF Board