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HURRY! We have just added volunteer spots for the rest of the season! 

We have open spots and we need LOTS of volunteers – this is a great time to get your hours done! Hurry over to the website and sign up to help before the best spots are gone!

We are still short volunteers at almost every game. We really need all of the spots filled – it makes for chaos at the fields if we don’t have enough volunteers.


There are no plans to have volunteer opportunities after the season is over. If you do not complete your hours, we will have to keep your deposit. Please get signed up so that doesn’t happen!

Looking for Away Game Sites? Find them here!

Are you trying to find an away game? Here are the addresses to the fields in the WFFL.

Bear River

Little Bear Field
500 E 100 N, Garland map

Brigham City

Watkins Park
700 W. Forest map
Box Elder High School
380 S 600 W, Brigham City map


Clearfield HS
931 S 1000 E, Clearfield map


Clinton City Park (West)
2050 N 1500 W, Clinton map
Clinton City Park (East)
2050 N 1500 W, Clinton map


Glovers Park
1100 W Glovers Lane map


Glendale Middle School
1430 W Andrew Ave, SLC map
Riverside Park
739 N 1400 W, SLC map
Jordan Park
1060 S 900 W, SLC map


Barnes Sportsplex, Gerald R. Purdy Field (South)
950 W. 200 N map
Barnes Sportsplex, Lee Liston Field (North)
950 W. 200 N map
Barnes Sportsplex, Jay Cullimore Field (West)
950 W. 200 N map


Elison Park (West)
700 N 2200 W map
Elison Park (East)
700 N 2200 W map


Logan High
125 W 300 S, Logan map


Morgan High
55 N 200 E map
Morgan High Soccer
435 W Young map

Mtn. Crest

Mt. Crest High
300 S. 800 E, Hyrum map

North Ogden

Oaklawn Park
1205 E 2500 N map

North Summit

North Summit High School
53 S. 100 E Coalville map


Ogden Community Sports Complex
1950 Monroe Blvd, Ogden map

Ogden Schools

Mound Fort Jr HS
1396 Liberty Ave, Ogden map
Mount Ogden Jr HS
3260 Harrison Blvd, Ogden map
Highland Jr HS
325 Gramercy Avenue, Ogden map

Ogden Valley

Eden Park
5500 E 2200 N map

Plain City

Lee Olsen Park
4150 W 2200 N map


Ridgeline HS
180 North 300 West, Millville, UT, 84326 map


North Park
4200 S 1900 W map
Sandridge Park
2075 W 4600 S map

South Ogden

Friendship Park (Behind Browing Armory)
700 E 5500 S map

South Weber

Central Park
1350 E, Lester St, South Weber map


Founders Park
1500 S 1900 W map
Bluff Ridge Park
2700 S 900 W map

Wash. Terrace

Rohmer Park
5100 S 650 W map

West Haven

West Haven Sports Park
4215 S 3900 W map

West Point

Loy F. Blake Park
600 North 3500 West map

Want Team Schedules – Find them here!

Here are the links to the SVYF schedules on the WFFL website!

Team Picture Day is Here!

Sky View Youth Football Parents

SVYF pictures will be taken on August 29 & 30 at Forrester Acres. Please note the date and time scheduled below for your team. Players will wear their full game day uniforms and Coaches will wear their Coaches Shirts & hats. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time to place your picture order and make payment. All orders must be placed and paid for on the night your photos are taken. An order form is included below. Checks can be made out to Wendi Coombs Photography. Photos will be picked up at equipment check in at the end of the season. Please contact Wendi if you have any questions at (435)512-5473 or wendicoombs@ymail.com.



HURRY! We have just added volunteer spots for Saturday games! 

We have spots at both fields – we need LOTS of volunteers – this is a great time to get your hours done! Hurry over to the website and sign up to help before the best spots are gone!

We really need all of the spots filled – it makes for chaos at the fields if we don’t have enough volunteers.


Pre-Draft Note to Parents

Sky View Youth Football Parents

We are now just days away from the football season!!!! HOORAY!!! Here is some important information that will be needed for Monday.


Jr. Mites 2nd& 3rd graders – there is only one team.  You will be having practice at the corner field next to the Sky View Seminary building. You will meet at 5:30and will receive more info from your coach Cody Stokes.  Wear shorts, t shirt, and appropriate shoes (cleats are preferred).  Also bring your helmet (if you have it) and make sure your mouth guard is attached and fitted.

All other age groups:  You will have multiple teams so we will be having an official draft. We will meet at Forrester Acres at 5:30. We will divide into age groups and the coaches for each age group will work together to run a practice. This will be a conditioning/skill practice. It will last, depending on the coaches, 60-90 min.  After this practice the head coaches, Chris Beach from the WFFL and myself will sit down and officially draft the teams.  Once this is done the coaches will contact the players on their team and let them know when and where they will be practicing. Wear shorts, t shirt, and appropriate shoes (cleats are preferred).  Also bring your helmet (if you have it) and make sure your mouth guard is attached and fitted.

It is always good to show up to practice a few minutes early. You can be ready to start right at 5:30 so that you don’t waste your practice time.



We will be at Forester Acres on Monday from 3-5 checking out equipment and refitting as needed. If you were unable to come to equipment check out last week, please come at that time to check out equipment.

We will be at Forester Acres on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4-5:30 for any refitting that will be needed. We should also be getting helmets in this week for those who needed a different size. When those come in we will let you know and you can come and get fitted.


Coaches and Practices

Age Group Grade Coach Phone # Practice Location
Jr Mite 2nd & 3rd Cody Stokes 435-770-8261 Sky View Seminary Corner
Mighty Mite 4th Brandon Bird 435-757-0678 Sunrise Elementary
Mighty Mite 4th Brett Jensen 435-881-9040 Greenville Elementary
Jr Pee Wee 5th Blake Ballard 435-881-6428 Birch Creek Elementary
Jr Pee Wee 5th Mike Bast 480-622-8376 Greenville Elementary
Pee Wee 6th Branden Jensen 435-512-0640 Sky View Practice Field
Pee Wee 6th Chris Coats 435-512-0640 Elkridge Park ?
Jr Midget 7th Andy Miller 435-770-2659 White Pine Middle School?
Jr Midget 7th Joaby Parker 435-232-2044 Sky View Practice Field
Jr Midget 7th Morey Maughan 435-760-1069 TBD
Midget 8th Rusty Carlson 435-881-5834 Birch Creek Elementary
Midget 8th Jeff McPhie 435-760-6815 Birch Creek Elementary



Sky View Youth Football Director and Board
Breanne Young

Welcome to Sky View Football

SVYF Parents
Well we are down to the final days of the OFF SEASON.  Can you believe it?  I don’t know about you but I’m ready for some FOOTBALL!!  We have a lot happening in the next couple of weeks. This is when all the stuff that we have been planning since last December really takes effect. Remember we are learning and trying our hardest to have this process go smoothly.  We would gladly except help and suggestion. Just remember to be nice.  With organizing over 250 players, around 70 coaches, and everything that goes with that to make the season run your patients, support and understanding is greatly appreciated for this new group of volunteers.  Not to mention we are still trying to settle the mess with Jevin.  I am grateful for all the help of my board members.
If you need something here is a list of those who can help:
Breanne Young
Assistant Director
Heather Andrews
Melissa Niederhauser
Technical & Communications Coordinator
Karin & Thad Kunz
Equipment Manager
Matt & Sarah Regen
Field Coordinator
Jason Gunnell
Clothing Coordinator
Marilee Sagers
Fundraiser Coordinator &
Advertising Coordinator
Julie Ballard
Concession Coordinator
Justin & Ashley Ballard
Volunteering Coordinator
Jen Hamann
We are still in need of 2 Head Coaches.  One for the Jr. Midget Team (7thgraders) and one for the Midget Team (8th graders).  We have to have someone step up and take these rolls, if this does not happen then we will have kids who won’t be able to play.  We know coaching is time consuming, and that everyone is busy.  We also know that you might not feel qualified.  If you are willing and good with the kids, there are coaches and assistants who will be willing to help.  If you know someone who would be willing to coach a team even if they don’t have a child playing, we would love to work with them.   Please call or text:
Breanne Young 435-994-0059
Equipment Checkout
Equipment checkout will be held on the following dates at Forester Acres
Tuesday July 26th 6-8pm: Midgets and Jr. Midgets (7th & 8th graders)
Wednesday July 27th 6-8: Pee Wee and Jr. Pee Wee (5th and 6th graders)
Thursday July 28th 6-8: Mighty Mites and Jr Mites (2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders)
If you cannot make it on those days, we will have an extra day on:
Monday August 1st  3-5 : This will be held before the 1st practice.
Tuesday August 2 – Friday August 5th 4-5pm: We will have the trailer open for readjustments or last minute equipment checkout.
We will not do any pre checkout before the 26th.
When you come to Equipment check out you will need to bring with you the following:IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THESE ITEMS WITH YOU, YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO CHECK OUT EQUIPMENT.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.
  1. Deposit Check for Equipment $150. This check will not be cashed, but held and returned at the end of the season, when equipment is turned in, it must be in good condition.
  2. Deposit Check for Volunteering $125.  This check will not be cashed, but held and returned at the end of the season, when you have performed your 5 hours of volunteer work for SVYF.  Watch our website for opportunities.
  3. The following documents (ALL OF THEM). You can bring the originals and we can scan them in there, or you can bring a copy.
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Utility Bill
  6. Insurance Card or Insurance Waiver
  7. Physical Form
Draft Day
August 1st is Draft Day.  On this day the teams are decided.  On this day all teams will meet at the football field at Forester Acres. The coaches will run a 90 min practice for each age group. Afterward the coaches will meet with a SVYF Board Member and a WFFL Board Member and teams will be divided. It is important that your player is on time and ready to practice. Practice will start at5:30 and go till 7:00.  Appropriate dress would be: Shorts, T-shirt, helmet, mouth guard, and appropriate shoes.  Shoulder pads and football pants will not be worn until 2nd week of practice.
After the teams have been decided, your players coach will contact you and make sure that you know where and when your teams will be practicing.
Check out the available times to help with equipment check out. You can find the volunteer sign up on our website http://svyouthfootball.us13.list-manage.com/track/click?u=1a29e38d9b5457cac95b2b804&id=0b7597fa0a&e=a68b5b0a84.
– This has to be done by an adult no youth volunteers at equipment check out please and if you come to volunteer please don’t bring extra children.  There is already so much going on and we will be in the parking lot of forester acres, we just want to make sure that everyone is safe and there is the least amount of confusion possible.
These are some of the policies that we have in place to be aware of at this time.
When your register your player in the registration time frame, they are put in an age group based on their birthdays. They are guaranteed a spot with that age group. Once we look at the numbers and see how many we have on each age group, we will then look if there are players that can play older but lighter or players that can play up.  You can contact your coach or the board to make that request.  We have to look at all of the information when we start moving kids around.
Another thing to be aware of.  We know that your kids have friends that play and there are some kids who don’t want to play for certain coaches.  You must understand that we cannot accommodate all the requests, if there is a serious problem, then please make us aware. There are certain rules that must be followed as we do the draft. We want your player to have a good experience and we will do all that we can to make that happen.  But there is only so much we can do, your attitude about football, coaches, team, etc. will carry over to your players. The only way to guarantee that your player is on a certain team is to be a coach!

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 2.24.03 PM

We have continued to see a drop in volunteers, we run on sole volunteer basis, so if we continue to see a decrease it makes it hard to run our program. We encourage parent involvement. We are asking again that there are 5 volunteer hours performed for each player, this can be done by parents or older sibling (14+) for somethings.

We understand that people are busy and that you can’t always help out. If this is the case then there will be a $125 fee that will be charged, that’s $25 an hour. We value you time! If you know you can’t help and want to opt out of volunteering, then you can pay the $125 when your register. If you plan on volunteering, then at equipment check out we will have you give a deposit check of $125. At the end of the season when we have equipment check in, if you have fulfilled your volunteer hours then you will get your check back. WE WILL BE VERY STRICT WITH THIS, THIS YEAR. If you only get part of your hours, you will be refunded accordingly.  It is important that you get on the website regularly to sign up and see what volunteering is available.  Don’t wait till the end of the season, because it will be hard to get your hours in.


(Upload your documents here)

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of utility bill
  • Copy of insurance card
  • Copy of health physical form

Note: Please schedule your player’s physical now with an appropriate medical provider ** THIS IS DUE BEFORE AUGUST 1st** but accepted anytime! Download 2015 Physical Form

In addition to the registration fees, you will also be responsible for an equipment deposit ($150) and either a volunteer deposit or volunteer payment ($125). These deposits will be collected at equipment check-out in July. The deposits must be in the form of a check. The deposit checks will not be cashed; but will be held until the end of the season.  If you meet your volunteer hours requirement and turn in your equipment in good condition, the deposit checks will be returned at the end of the season (equipment check-in).

Everyone will be getting a new Game Jersey this year and that fee is included in your registration.  Players numbers will be assigned on a ‘first come, first- serve’ basis. When ordering a jersey you will be asked for your top 3 numbers, you’d like.  We will try our hardest to make sure that your player gets one of those numbers.

SVYF is affiliated with the Wasatch Front Football League (WFFL) www.wffl.com. The boundaries for Sky View Youth Football include as far North as into Idaho and south to the North Logan/Logan line. Your residency will be verified when you upload a copy of your utility bill. If you live in the Sky View boundaries (regardless of where you go to school) you will be REQUIRED to play for Sky View. No exceptions will be allowed. This is a WFFL rule NOT a SVYF rule. If you know of someone who lives in Sky View boundaries and has registered to play football at Logan or MC, please let the director Breanne Young know immediately.


  • Birch Creek Elementary – 675 W 220 N Smithfield, UT
  • Sky View High School – 520 S 250 E Smithfield, UT
  • Summit Elementary – 80 W Center St Smithfield, UT
  • Sunrise Elementary – 225 S 455 E Smithfield, UT
  • Greenville Elementary –2450 N 400 E, North Logan UT

Home games are played at Forrester Acers (50 N 400 W Smithfield) and Sky View High School

Every player will be issued equipment including pads, helmet, practice pants and game pants. Practice pants are royal blue and game pants are black integrated pants.  Please only allow your player to wear their game pants to games. This keeps the pants in good condition so we don’t have to constantly rebuy them. This year we will be doing equipment checked out by age group. This will allow us to have our coaches help in the fitting process. Equipment Checkout will take place the middle of July and we will keep you updated on dates and times.



2016 Coaches Background checks- link to http://protectyouthsports.com/

2016 Insurance Waiver Form (pdf download)

2016 Parents Conduct Agreement (doc download)

2016 Physical Form (doc download)

WFFL Football Player Waiver Agreement (doc download)


NEXT YEAR 2017 Football Season

We have been contemplating what we will do as a youth football organization, next season when the High Schools split. We have looked at staying one organization, but changing the name so that we are not just associated with Sky View, we have also looked at splitting to stay associated with our particular high schools. After much discussion we feel that a split to our organization could work if we can meet certain bench marks. These benchmarks will allow both Sky View Youth Football and Green Cannon Youth Football to have strong functioning organizations when the split does occur.

That being said we need your help in reaching these bench marks

Finances-  This year we will be working on building a savings account for both organizations. We are looking for donations and sponsors for both. You can donate now for your particular organization… Or contact Breanne Young for more information on sponsoring and donations

Volunteering- We need people who will step up in both organizations as board members and coaches and other volunteer opportunities. This year will be a great time to shadow and learn rolls and responsibilities. If you are interested in helping out in this way, please contact Breanne Young.

There are other benchmarks that we will continue to be working on and if you feel you could help out please feel free to contact our board with question, concerns or comments.